Galway Scout County

Oct 3, 2016

Saving Lives

This year 17th Galway Gort Scouts have enabled 25 adult and youth members of Scouting Ireland to be awarded a Remote Emergency Care Certificate.

During our training and from other literature it became obvious that one of the most vital pieces of eqipment that each group should consider having is an AED (defibrillator).

After approaching both Gort and District Lions Club, who gave us €1000 of which €500 was towards a defibrialator, Gort Credit Union has most generously matched that €500 to enable us to purchase the item.

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On the 1st October, while Gort Cubs were meeting to go sailing for the first time the Credit Union came to wish us well and announce the award of funding.

The availability and location of these devices is certainly something we believe everyone should make themselves aware of. 

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