Galway County Challenge Fund


The Galway County Challenge fund is now up and running as agreed by the county. In case you may have missed what this is about, you can read about it here:

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 This document outline the process which is giving a chance for those taking part in the Crean Challenge, Venture Challenge and Explorer Belt to get some funding to be able to go on such events.

 For any youth member considering taking part in any of these events this year, the expression of interest form is now due and can filled in here, by the 30th November.

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 The actual application form is now also live, it can be filled in here straight away if desired but is not due until:

2nd January 2016 - Crean Challenge Participants

8th June 206 - Venture Challenge Participants

20th May - Explorer Belt Participants


The form can be found here: Click Here


A new email address has been set up to deal with any queries relevant - and will act as a contact point for the fund.

The Galway County Team.